PureForge brakes stop shorter:

Motorcycles: 15% or 22 feet shorter at 60 to 0 MPH stopping distance tests.

Law Enforcement tested  Crown Victoria Automobiles: 5% or 6 feet shorter stopping distance at 60 to 0 MPH stopping distance tests.

Similar stopping distance improvement test results for medium and heavy duty truck with disc  brakes


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PureForge rotors last longer than the life of the vehicle:

PureForge proprietary technology significantly reduces rotor wear and extends brake pad life.

Conventional rotors require monitoring for wear and replacement. PureForge rotors are virtually wear-free, with superior durability for the vehicle they’re installed on.

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Immediately reduce brake maintenance costs with guaranteed savings vs. conventional technology:

Our fleet owner customized sales agreements provide a fixed and capped cost including rotor and pad maintenance or replacement regardless of mileage.

We offer the only insured brake rotor warranty for parts and labor in the industry.

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Find out why our brakes provide “best in class” performance – and as we say  “We Brake for Life™.”

View a comparison between an OEM rotor and a PureForge Rotor.

PureForge Wins Prestigious R&D 100 Award

PureForge Atomic-Forged® brake rotors have been recognized as one of the most significant Mechanical Systems innovations of 2013 by R&D Magazine. Continue reading…