Nathan K. Meckel

Founder, President, Chief Technology Officer, Director

Nathan K. Meckel is a prolific inventor in the fields of surface sciences, physics and metallurgy. Mr. Meckel is a visionary technologist and has led the company’s development of proprietary Atomic-Forging and NanoSurface technologies. He is the sole founder of Molecular Metallurgy, Inc. (“MMI”), an advanced surface engineered coatings services company. Prior to founding MMI, Mr. Meckel was the sole founder of Deposition Technology, Inc. (“DTI”), a wide-web optical and specialty coating development company, which was successfully sold in the mid 1980’s.

Mr. Meckel has extensive experience in developing and commercializing technology for new applications and is the author of eighteen issued U.S. patents which include patents from previous ventures, multiple foreign patents as well as nine pending patents related to surface engineering for brakes and other motor industry applications.